Tony Chiu is an authorised representative of Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd AFSL License Number 273228. Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd ABN 50 108 049 556 Registered Office Suite 611, 7 Railway St Chatswood NSW 2067, Phone +61 2 9283 2282

This guide contains important information about the services we offer, how we and our associates are paid, any potential conflict of interest we may have and our internal and external dispute resolution procedures and how you can access them. When we give you financial advice – a Statement of Advice – to make sure that the advice is appropriate to you we must make reasonable enquiries about your current financial situation and future needs. When no advice has been given and a Nil Advice Record provided, the transactions that you have requested us to make on your behalf will be detailed in your Nil Advice Record. In the Statement of Advice we will tell you about our fees and commissions and any associations we have with Financial Product Issuers or other parties which may have influenced the advice we give you. If we recommend to you a particular Financial Product we will give you information about the particular Financial Product—a Product Disclosure Statement—to help you make an informed decision about the Financial Product. In the Nil Advice Record we will tell you about our fees and commissions and any associations we have with Financial Product Issuers or other parties which may have influenced the advice we give you. No Product Disclosure Statement is issued with the Nil Advice record as no advice has been provided or product recommended.

WHO IS MY ADVISER: Your Financial Planner will be Tony Chiu. As an Authorised Representative of Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd, Tony has an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) number (243603), is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP), is a member of SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia (SPAA), is a SMSF SPECIALIST ADVISOR (SSA), is a Fellow member (F Fin) of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (SIA), is a Tax (financial) Adviser registered with the Tax Practitioners Board and is a Justice of the Peace of NSW (JP). If you do not wish to receive our advice, we may deal on your behalf by carrying out your instructions. If you do not obtain advice, you face the risk that the Financial Product(s) you select will not fully take into account your objectives, financial situation and / or needs.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDED: As a representative, your adviser acts on behalf of Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd when providing financial advice to you. Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd is therefore responsible to you for any advisory services your adviser provides and has authorised the distribution of this FSG by your adviser. Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd ABN 50 108 049 556 AFSL Number 273228 Registered Office Suite 611, 7 Railway St Chatswood NSW 2067. Phone +61 2 9283 2282.

DO YOU HAVE ANY RELATIONSHIPS OR ASSOCIATIONS WITH FINANCIAL PRODUCT ISSUERS: No. Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd is a directly licenced and individually owned financial planning practice and is not associated with any financial product issuer. Benton Asset Management conducts independent research on investments and fund managers. The current research houses utilised include but are not limited to are, Morning Star and Lonsec.

WHAT KIND OF FINANCIAL SERVICES ARE YOU AUTHORISED TO PROVIDE ME AND WHAT KIND OF FINANCIAL PRODUCT/S DO THOSE SERVICES RELATE TO: Tony Chiu is authorised by Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd to provide Financial Product Advice in Deposit and payment products, Margin loans, Government debenture, stocks and bonds, Life Insurance – risk and investment, Managed Investments, Securities, Superannuation andSelf-Managed Superannuation Fund Advice

WHAT INFORMATION SHOULD I PROVIDE TO RECEIVE PERSONALISED ADVICE: You need to provide us with a list of your personal objectives, details of your current financial situation and any other relevant information, so that we can offer you the most appropriate advice possible. You have the right not to tell us, if you do not wish to. However, if you do not, the advice you receive may not be appropriate to your needs, objectives and financial situation. If we believe the information we receive is insufficient to perform our duties, we may decline to do the work and / or disengage as your adviser by giving written notice. You should read the warnings contained in the Statement of Advice (SoA) carefully before making any decision relating to Financial Product(s). If further advice is furnished, or when no financial product is recommended, a Record of Advice (RoA) may be provided to you instead of a SoA. You have the right to request a copy of the RoA (if you have not previously received a copy) within ninety days of that further advice being given.

WHAT INFORMATION DO YOU MAINTAIN IN MY FILE AND CAN I EXAMINE MY FILE: We maintain a record of your personal profile including details of your objectives, financial situation and needs. We also maintain records of any recommendations made to you. We are committed to implementing and promoting a privacy policy, which will ensure the privacy and security of your personal information. In addition to Our Privacy Notification Statement (PNS), which you receive when you become our client, a copy is always available upon request. Please contact us should you wish to make an appointment to review your file.

HOW CAN I GIVE YOU INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT MY FINANCIAL PRODUCTS: We will require your authorisation to implement or make any changes to your investments and insurances. You may tell us how you would like to give us instructions; for example, by telephone or e-mail. If we provide you with execution related telephone advice, you may request a record of the execution related telephone advice, at that time or up to 90 days after providing the advice.

HOW WILL I PAY FOR THE SERVICES PROVIDED: Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd is a fee based practice. We charge you an agreed fee based on time required and work performed. We will give you a Statement of Advice or Nil Advice Record containing details of our fees and any payments made to us by Financial Product issuer(s). It is our policy not to participate in any incentive programs conducted from time to time by product issuer(s).

HOW ARE ANY COMMISSIONS, FEES OR OTHER BENEFITS CALCULATED FOR PROVIDING THE FINANCIAL SERVICES: If you receive personal advice from us, we will tell you about any commissions, fees and any other benefits, where possible in actual dollar amounts, in the Statement of Advice. Your adviser will give you this Statement of Advice, before we proceed to act on your instructions. The fee payable for the preparation of your personal financial plan depends on the complexity of your plan taking into account the value of your investments and the amount of time involved researching and preparing the strategies to meet your needs. This fee also includes ensuring that recommended investments and strategies are implemented correctly. Your adviser will tell you in writing in the Statement of Advice what fees inclusive of GST we may charge you, when you have to pay these and what payments we may receive from the Financial Product issuers.

WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I HAVE A COMPLAINT: If you have a complaint about the services provided to you, you should take the following steps. Contact Mr Tony Chiu on +61 2 9283-2282 or write to us at Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd PO Box 1829 Chatswood NSW 2057. We will try to resolve your complaint quickly and fairly. If you are not satisfied with our response, or if you have not received a response within 45 days, you may lodge a written complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (previously Financial Ombudsman Services Limited, GPO Box 3, Melbourne Victoria 3001. Website: You can phone AFCA on 1800 931 678. This service is provided to you free of charge.

PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE: We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for the activities conducted under our AFS Licence. The limit of the indemnity is $2,000,000 for any one claim and $4,000,000 in the aggregate for all claims arising out of our AFS Licence activities. The insurance will cover work completed by authorised representatives, representatives and employees of the Licensee after they cease to work for the Licensee. We believe that our Professional Indemnity insurance cover satisfies the requirements of s.912B of the Corporations Act. If you have any further questions about the financial services Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd provides, please contact Jasmine Pattinson on 02 9283 2282. Retain this document for your reference and any future dealings with Benton Asset Management Pty Ltd.