what i offer
Quality Financial Planning Solutions

We offer real advice and realistic outcomes,
working alongside our clients every step of the way.

Quality Advice

Financial experience and planning expertise combine to enable effective decision making and value adding opportunities

Real Solutions

Practical outcome focused advice and solutions focusing on our clients most critical goals

Enduring Results

Flexible strategies and ongoing advice backed by a reliable team of professionals

my strategy
Enduring Results

I deliver reliable, professional and personalised solutions helping clients find the competitive edge and importanty, will be there when the unexpected happens.

Directly Owned
Individually Managed
Outcome Focused

Years of experience
Lives Insured
Valued Clients
Million Under Management
Financial Planning Process
The Winning Formula

3 Simple Steps

Our service focuses on our clients most critical issues and opportunities, telling it like it
is to overcome all barriers to success.



Expert analysis with realistic solutions

Since day one, our formula for success
is our client focus

Professional Analysis
Personalised Solutions
Realist Outcomes



Flexible all-inclusive strategies

Our expertise is
your financial success

Collaborative Planning
Quality Advice
Stress Free Set up



Ongoing support and development

Personalised approach
delivering valuable results

Sustainable Success
Valuable Relationships
Enduring Results

My Expertise
Extensive Knowledge & Experience

Delivering enduring results at every life stage with highly personalised advice and portfolio management for the earnest investor.

SMSF Specialist

Industry recognised specialist

SMSF Planning Advice

Individual and corporate trusts
Investment opportunities
Loans and property purchase

Tax Financial Adviser

Tax Practitioners Board

Tax Financial Planning Advice


Financial Services Institute

Fellow - distinguished specialist

Financial Services Institute

Not for Profit

Certified Financial Planner

CFP - highest industry recognised specialist

Certified Financial Planner

Tax effective strategies
Wealth creation
Risk assessible
Peace of mind

“Financial success means something different to us all”

Client testimonials
What People Say About Me

Above all else we value our client relationships, striving to improve each and every year
for ourselves and our clients.

our consultants
Meet Our Experienced Team

Our collaborative and passionate company is committed to working alongside our clients every day, every step of the way and telling it like it is – producting highly personalised solutions that deliver realistic results.

Tony Chiu

Principal CFP
Outcome focused strategic thinker. Tony brings diverse knowledge and experience to every client meeting.

Jasmine Pattinson

Practice Manager
Positive client engagement advocate. Jasmine’s skill set is honed for best practice.

Bonnie Chen BA

Account Manager
Talented multi – tasking manager, Bonnie delivers fast and efficient service.

Elyse Liu BA

Adviser Assistant
Popular workplace communicator, Elyse has a great eye for detail.
Our Advice Fees
Clear & Simple Advice Fees

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. Our advice fees are clear and simple, the way they should be. We review our fees regularly to ensure they continue to meet our client needs.

Comprehensive Strategy

Comprehensive Strategy Advice

including SMSF Structure, Investments and Loans, Wrap and Wholesale Superannuation and Investment with Tax Financial Planning , Gearing, Debt, and Shares and Insurance


Complimentary implementation
option with adviser service subscription


Advice fee form $3,800
Implementation fee from $1,900

Multi Strategy

Multi Strategy Advice

including Superannuation
Insurance Streams, Consolidation,
Investments, Income,
Centrelink and
Aged Care Advice


Complimentary implementation
option with adviser service subscription


Advice fee form $2,150
Implementation fee from $1,075

Single Strategy

Single Strategy Advice



Complimentary implementation
option with adviser service subscription


Advice fee form $800
Implementation fee from $400

Ongoing Adviser Services

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities combining ongoing advice and services to support client goals.


SMSF, WRAP and Multi Level Investors

Priority Adviser Support
Priority Administration Assistance
85% Additional Service Discount
15% Advice Fee Discount
Four Meetings Annually
Multiple Payment Options
From $6,000 p.a.


First Choice for Mid – Level Investors

Signature Adviser Support
Flexible Administration Assistance
70% Additional Service Discount
10% Advice Fee Discount
Two Meetings Annually
Flexible Payment Options
From $3,000 p.a


Gold Standard for Insurance Clients

Classic Adviser Support
General Administration Assistance
30% Additional Service Discount
5% Advice Fee Discount
One Meeting Annually
Classic Payment Options
From $1,000 p.a.

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Directly Owned, Individually Managed, Outcome Focused Advice

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