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Above all else we value our client relationships, striving to improve each and every year
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Tony is an exceptional financial adviser and is the reason my retirement life is as good as it is now. He has always given me advice that has proven best for my financial goals, even sometimes when it is not what I wanted to hear: this honesty and ability to help me navigate the path between where I am and where I want to go has made Tony an invaluable person in my retirement satisfaction. Anyone looking for a reliable and outcome oriented adviser who is interested in working with you over the long term and helping you improve year by year would benefit immensely from Tony’s work. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done.
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Ronnie and Layla

Tony has been our adviser since 2009 and during that time, our financial portfolio and tax savings have exceeded our expectations. By reorganising our investment and including options that suit our goals, we have been able to take more holidays and see the grandkids more often. We love going to our annual reviews, and even if the markets are down and the news not so good, Tony has always stood by us and weathered the storm side by side.
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Joanna and Wei

Before we met Tony, we didn’t even know what products and policies we had; we were too busy growing a business and family to realise we had let our affairs fall behind. Tony was recommended by a friend who had been seeing him for a number of years and always seemed very impressed with how his accounts were handled and the quality of interaction with the staff. So we set up an appointment and after getting through all the “paperwork” (when you let your affairs get messy, expect a big clean-up) we are now the proud owners of a well organised and considered portfolio that has the flexibility we need with a growing business and family. Our superannuation is consolidated and invested wisely and our insurances in place… should the unexpected happen. We have also just started an Education Bond for the twins schooling and are on track to set up our SMSF next financial year. Tony, you saved us! Thank you.
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Tim and Amanda

Exceptional work from an exception team of professionals. Tony and his staff at Benton have managed every aspect of our financial affairs since 2005: from working life, to semi-retirement to full retirement. We had some very difficult decisions to make leading into retirement and while it was difficult at the time to learn our superannuation savings would not be enough to support the lifestyle we wanted in retirement, Tony had started the “retirement” conversation with us long before we actually got there. There was no pressure and we were given the time to consider our options and as retirement etched closer year by year we reviewed the numbers – and while they did improve, it was not going to be enough. The biggest thing for us was selling the house – at the time it was hard to say good-bye to that part of our life but looking back it was the absolute best thing we ever did. Now, we have a beautiful apartment with harbour views and have more time to spend with family and friends… and more overseas travel too! Tony was very understanding through the entire process and a number of our friends use him as their adviser now too. Thank you for all the great work you have done for us over the years.